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Partner Program

Being the national distributor of eMudhra Digital Signatures we have been growing with a quick pace to ensure reach to all eMudhra users. Paralelly we have also been seeking to partner with capable prospects which would help widen the horizon of our field of operation in a more efficient and productive manner. Our sales spectrum has been incrementing with our reach going farther and our public relations gathering more mileage. We invite those who are interested to share this benefit by associating as our partner for all India issuance of Digital Signatures.

The partners we seek could be :

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Company Secretaries
  • Tax Consultants
  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Corporates
  • Advocates

There are three different roles based on the level of association one maintains with us:

A direct-to-sale partnership option where the partner can process and issue Digital Signatures directly from his office and also appoint sub-associates under them to build a partner-partner model.
A direct-to-sale partnership option where processing and issue of Digital Signatures is handled by the partner themselves directly from their work place.
A simple commission based partnership where referral plays the vital role. By referring friends, clients and peers, individuals can seek commission upon issuance of Digital Signatures. The more the number of effective references the stronger the participation would be as a key partner. Commissions can also look to be gradually targeted to achieve particular slab-levels which determine the conversion ratio of reference potentials. These slabs of incrementing proportions will lead to stronger and upgraded business partnerships with JSI.

If you have earnest in any one of the three partnership frameworks kindly validate your standing by sending us a prospective request so that we can quickly get back to you. There are minimum formalities based on the partner programme you decide to enroll in, which will be communicated effectively before a mutual relationship can be established. You can send your details directly to

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  • Central Govt
  • State Govt
  • Companies
  • Railways
  • Defense
  • Corporations
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